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Issue tracker -> TODO list : Worth the effort?

by Dan August 6 2018 3:02PM 3 years, 175 days ago

Started using Trac as a personal TODO list for all of my various chores. Did not choose Trac for any very specific reason, I've just used it for a long time and was quite familiar with it already. Was not sure if an issue tracker intended for software development was going to be very useful, but a couple months in now and I believe it has been.

I started with a fresh instance of Trac. Added most of the neccassary & commonly used plugins. Changed all of the language in the ticketing system. Priorities simply became, Highest->Lowest (1-5). Components became anything that was sure to have a number of tickets associated with it. Around here that equates to a number of House / Yard related options, Automotive, Servers, etc. Milestones is even being used to track progress of things such as "Interior remodel". Ticket types lost all the software leanings and simply became: todo, repair, improvement. See no need for Versions, nor Severities.

Made use of the subtickets plugin for when those problems snowball into a much larger thing, I can keep track of whats going on. Using the Keywords field of a ticket to mark the tickets that have things I need to buy at the store. That way instead of relying on my always incomplete shopping list when I'm at the hardware store or someplace, I View Tickets with 'store' listed in the keywords, and I can deduce from there what I'm looking for.

I'm finding it useful in tracking general linux administration type situations as well. Setting up a new & more robust backup solution for the home network recently, I've kept track of all the details as comments to a set of tickets. I find when building custom solutions (or even using out of the box ones) where you set it and forget it, that by the time I need to get back in there and maintenance it, the details of all it all worked will be lost to me, and I'll be starting on google all over again, gathering up information. Hopefully now I will be able to just find the ticket in my system and see exactly from start to finish how I setup, any comments I had about why I chose todo something a certain way, details of any problems or concerns I had.

Trac (obviously) even ties in with an SVN/Git repository, so for these computer related tickets (or even more, haven't figured out in what way just yet) where your writing your own scripts and such, even that functionality is still useful. Of course thats the more common use of software bug trackers so no suprise there.

I'm about 75 tickets in and almost a couple months of use, and finding it helpful. So worth the effort? My vote is Yes. If you found this post searching around for ideas like I was, it could be worthwhile.

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